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Partnership-led' riding sessions

A different approach to riding lessons promoting empathy and connection. 1 to 1 sessions focusing on safety and understanding of the horse. Helping children learn the basic principles of horse riding whilst appreciating the reasoning behind it. Why do horses behave the way they do? Why do we use the aids of our legs and hands in this way? How does my position keep me safe? How does it affect my horse and how they move? 

We are big on fun and keen to make sure the children have a great time. Favourite music, favourite games, rides on the beach – there’s always a new adventure!

Riding has long been proven to provide physical and mental health benefits for riders with and without disability, and our personalised program uses tailored exercises to maximise this impact – working with physiotherapists and other health professional when needed

Equine Facilitated Learning sessions

Horses are often referred to as ‘mirrors’ of the soul. This is because of their incredible ability to reflect our own emotions (conscious and subconscious) and behaviours. This makes them a valuable tool in developing children’s self awareness. 

These sessions use fun challenges and ground based exercises to encourage the children to experiment with new approaches and consider the impact of their actions on others. This can lead to the realisation of self imposed barriers, unexplored emotional issues and unhealthy attitudes, allowing the participant to ‘try out’ new versions of themselves in a safe and supportive environment. 

These sessions can be 1 to 1 or in groups of up to 4 participants working together. There’s no pressure and the children can take the session wherever they want to go from full on fun to calm relaxation. 

Ground based care sessions

A big part of what matters to us is making sure that children get to know the horses and begin to learn, in whatever way suits them best, a little about how we need to consider their needs and care for them. 

These sessions work on practical skills (grooming, feeding, mucking out etc. ) whilst dipping in to the fascinating areas of equine psychology, physiology, and even history! 

Totally adaptable, we can make these sessions accessible for those with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, behavioural issues as well as those more comfortable with traditional learning styles. 

1 to 1 or small group sessions available.


Lets get sociable and make some friends in the fresh air! 

We run clubs throughout the week to suit different age groups from pre school to teenagers. Although the activities vary from group to group and week to week, we are focused on spending time outdoors having fun around the horses. Incoporating horse care, rewilding nature based activities and special guests, these clubs are perfect for any budding horse lovers.

There’s always something different to explore, from mud to snow, grooming to rambling, farrier visits and even horse dentist visits to get a look at! 

These groups are fully inclusive and we encourage children with a range of abilities and backgrounds to come together, make friends and unwind in nature.


We believe our program should be accessible for all children. That’s why we formed as a Community Interest Company – meaning we are similar to a not for profit organisation and can offer our sessions at reduced rates for those who need financial support. Funding is available on a case by case basis and is fully reliant on grants and our own fundraising.