About Us


I'm Becca, and I've dedicated over a decade of my life to the equestrian and livestock industry. As an experienced riding and horse care coach, my journey has taken me through various facets of this world, shaping my appreciation for the bond between humans and horses.

With a deep understanding of equine nature and the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors, I've made it my mission to help participants from diverse backgrounds access both the mental and physical advantages of connecting with horses.
Skreppa Horses CIC began with a vision fueled by a profound need. I recognized limitations in existing equestrian provisions, where the focus often veered away from connection and understanding the nature of horses. Tailoring programs to meet the unique needs of the individual was a rarity.
My passion for utilizing horses' innate sensitivity to emotions led me to envision a place where children and adults could not only connect with these magnificent animals but also reflect on their own minds and feelings. Through this, we could encourage problem-solving and assist them in overcoming obstacles or trauma.

Skreppa Horses CIC was born, driven by a commitment to bring this transformative service to any person who could benefit, regardless of disability, financial constraints, or so-called 'problem behaviours.'


Empowering Change through Horses

Equine Facilitated Learning harnesses the innate qualities of horses – their empathy, honesty, and responsiveness. At Skreppa Horses, we provide a secure environment where participants can explore their emotions and behaviors, model personal growth, and acquire practical life skills. Our ground-based sessions encompass various element:


Our EFL program is inclusive, catering to diverse needs and goals. It can be particularly beneficial for:

Embracing the Power of Community

As a community interest company, we have the privilege of applying for funding, enabling us to extend our services to those who might not otherwise have access. Our partnership with schools is instrumental in identifying those who need our support the most.
At Skreppa Horses CIC, we eagerly await the opportunity to extend a warm welcome and provide a platform for positive growth to every child or adult in Kent. Our dedication to empowering people through the remarkable bond between humans and horses drives us forward, and we invite you to join us on this incredible journey of discovery, healing, and personal growth.

Our Supporters

Skreppa Horses CIC proudly receives support from esteemed organizations, including the Prince’s Trust and Kent County Council. Our mobile EFL unit, designed to reduce logistical and financial obstacles, is generously backed by KCC. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to The Cobtree Charity Trust Ltd for their generous support of our schools project.

Private and Personalized Sessions

In addition to school-based programs, we also offer private sessions on a one-to-one basis or in small groups from our base near Ashford. Our motto is “Reflect, Reconnect, Recover,” and our horses play a pivotal role in achieving these goals. Through our work, participants not only gain practical equine care and knowledge but also build essential life skills and confidence.

Experience EFL Onsite

Choose the convenience of our fully mobile EFL service. We bring the experience to schools, care homes, and workplaces, supplying all necessary equipment and ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.